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Dr. Kingsley A. ETCHU

Dr. Kingsley A. ETCHU
Principal Research Officer
Ministry of Scientific Research and Innovation
Institute of agricultural Research For Development

Biography :

▪ 2017 – Present: Directeur de Recherche (Research Professor) ▪ 2011 – 2017: Maître de Recherche (Senior Research Officer) ▪ 2007 – 2011: Charge de Recherche (Research Officer) ▪ 2002 – 2007: Attaché de Recherche (Assistant Researchers)

Research Interest :

❖ Animal nutrition/ Animal production systems/ Animal physiology/ Adaptation of production systems to climate change ❖ Exploitation, processing and introduction of new and alternative non-conventional feeds resources to add to existing data base, in the livestock feed industry to ease and encourage small, medium and large scale production. ❖ Development of context specific livestock feeds to minimize cost and increase production. All aimed at bridging the protein gap and addressing malnutrition and its consequences.