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Volume: 3   Issue: 1


Toxic Impact of Lead Acetate on Histopathological Alterations of Kidney in the Local Quail (Coturnix sp.) and the Ameliorative Role of Vitamin C Supplementation
Sokina Ahmed Heriba, Esmail Mohamed Alhemmali*, Noha Mahmoud Ameen and Adel Omar Abudabos
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Review of Dermatophilosis and Its Status in Ethiopia
Ahmed Hasan Hussen*
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Gastrointestinal Health Parasites of Domestic Dogs in Jos North, Plateau State Nigeria: A Fecal Examination Study
Karaye GP*, Kaze PD, Akinsola OM, Wamtas FI, Kogi AC and Karaye KK
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Real Time Parameter Estimation of Toxocaracanis and Ancyclostoma Parasites in Dogs using Mathematical Models
Karaye GP*, Akinsola OM, KazePD, Kogi AC, Patrobas MNand Karaye KK
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Prevalence, Sex and Seasonal Variation of Parasitic Diseases in Dogs Presented at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital University of Jos, Plateau State between January 2015 and December 2018
Karaye GP*, Kaze PD, Kogi AC, Akinsola OM, Ayuba HM and Karaye KK
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