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Dr. Aljerry Dias do Rego

Dr. Aljerry Dias do Rego
Doctor Gynecologist
Professor of the Medical Course
Federal University of Amapa

Biography :

Doctor gynecologist of the state government of Amapa Professor of the medical course at the Federal University of Amapá Coordinator of medical residency at Hospital São Camilo / Amapá Member of the professional defense commission of the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology Coordinator of the gynecology and obstetrics board of the medical course of the federal university of Amapá Master in medicine from the University of São Paulo (USP) preceptor of the medical residency program in gynecology and obstetrics Founding member of the Amapá Academy of Medicine

Research Interest :

I am interested in research in gynecology, obstetrics, urogynecology and quality of life in women in various aspects related to health and illness