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Dr. (Lieutenant Colonel) Rajesh Chauhan

Dr. (Lieutenant Colonel) Rajesh Chauhan
Honorary National Professor,


Biography :

Rajesh Chauhan is one of the few Honorary National Professors of the IMA CGP, India. He is an alumni of the AFMC Pune, and had served as an Indian Army’s doctor for 25 years (including a three year stint in Botswana as Senior Medical Officer), before seeking a voluntary retirement in 2008 at the age of 47 years when he was a Lieutenant Colonel. With many publications and researches over the years, his name and biography has been included amongst the best of the world by renowned international biographers from the UK and USA for a decade and more. He is a verified international expert, and has interests, experience and matching qualifications in Family Medicine, Geriatric Medicine, Industrial Health & Disaster Medicine. He is a post-graduate from the CMC Vellore, India (Master in Medicine in Family Medicine), and from Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, Colombo, Sri Lanka in Family Medicine. He was also affiliated with MAMC Delhi for his post graduate diploma course in Geriatrics (PGDGM). He has some more post graduate medical degrees, certificates, and fellowships including the coveted fellowship of the Indian Society of Malaria and other Communicable Diseases (FISCD), and is also one of the experts in Industrial Health (AFIH). Along with all this he has gained practical experience in hospital and health experience and disaster preparedness and management during his 25 years of his active service in Indian & Botswana Armies. Prior to his voluntary retirement he was a Commanding Officer and a SEMO (Senior Executive Medical Officer) for 11 Districts of South Gujarat. He is available to the world as a Visiting Professor, where he can teach Geriatric and Family Medicine, and about his numerous innovative medical techniques.

Research Interest :

He is presently working on his innovative technique that has been named after his friend as “Dr. VTK Titus Technique”, for overcoming multi-morbidities and rejuvenating an aged