International Journal of AIDS (ISSN: 2644-3023)

International Journal of AIDS (ISSN: 2644-3023) is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal deals with HIV related topics from different disciplines enhancing insight in understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmissible infections, HIV and AIDS. 

International Journal of AIDS (ISSN: 2644-3023) aims at providing leverage to the researchers from middle and lower income economies to boost the scientific community for the welfare of the mankind. The Journal includes study and publications in areas like virology, viral induced cancers, molecular biology, HIV anxiety disorder, virologic failure, multiple comorbidities, drug resistance, drug toxicity, tuberculosis, pneumocystis pneumonia, Kaposi's sarcoma, or other AIDS-defining conditions. 

International Journal of AIDS (ISSN: 2644-3023) works on an international platform for exchange of ideas, concepts and findings in any area of AIDS and related research. Manuscripts may be submitted as Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini-review, Case Reports, Opinion, Letters to the Editor and Editorials, Rapid and Short Communications, Commentary. Submitted articles go though the stringent review process under the guidance of Editorial Board & Editor-in-Chief to enhance the quality and significance of the journal.  

International Journal of AIDS (ISSN: 2644-3023) welcomes submissions of manuscripts via Online Submission System or via email to the Editorial Office at or