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Dr. Sheyda Najafi

Dr. Sheyda Najafi
Dept. of Pharmaceutical Care
College of Pharmacy, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Biography :

Teaching Experience • Pharmacovigilance system for Pharmacy students (monthly internship program) • Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors for medical students (Oct. 2016) • Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors for nursing staffs (August 2016) • Drug Utilization Research (DUE) for Hospital Pharmacy undergraduates (May & August 2016) • Standards of Hospital Accreditation (monthly training of hospital pharmacist) • Adverse Drug Events and Medication Errors for hospital pharmacists (Dec. 2015) • Practical Pharmacology (Morris Water Maze and Stereotaxic surgery) for pharmacy students (2007)

Research Interest :

My current research interests are at the intersection of pharmacology and neuroscience, and focus on understanding how chemical molecules interact with biological systems in the molecular level. Also, I am finding in myself a growing passion for understanding and exploring neurophysiological pathways underlying neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer. My second priority for research is in the field of pharmacovigilance, medication safety, and public health. I have also a great deal of cooperation with Iran FDA and work on Public Health Affairs. The third area of interest is metal toxicity implicated in a number of neurodegenerative diseases. They include arsenic, zinc, vanadium, manganese, tellurium and etc. The neurotoxicity with the metals has been a major area of concern over the world.