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Prof. Eric Huang, PhD

Prof. Eric Huang, PhD
Department of Dermatology
University of California

Biography :

2000 Allowance of the U.S. patent “Use of Somatostatin Analogs For the Delivery of Anti-Tumor Drugs to Tumor Cells” (Serial No: 09/734,298, Filed: December 11,2000 ) 2000 Allowance of the U.S. patent “New Anti-liver Disease Drug R-YEEE and Method of Synthesizing Branched Galactose-Terminal Glycoproteins.” (Serial No:09/490,734. Filing Date: January 25, 2000) 2007 Editorial board: The Open Proteomics Journal; Current Proteomics; Genomics Insights. 2008 Guest Editors: Infectious Diseases- Drug Targets; Current Drug Metabolism 2009 Allowance of the U.S. patent (858610-2006.1) “Novel Targets And Compositions For Use In Decontamination, Immunoprophylaxis, And Post-Exposure Therapy Against Anthrax.” (Serial No:10/889,197497. Filing Date: July 12, 2004) 2010 International Publication Number (WO 2010/065735) “METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS FOR TREATING P.ACNES”. International Publication Date: 06, June, 2010. 2011 International Publication Number (WO 2010/065735) licensed to Sanofi-Pasteur.

Research Interest :