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Prof. Rabindra Nath Das

Prof. Rabindra Nath Das
Department of Statistics,
The University of Burdwan,

Biography :

Based on these research works, I have published a Research Monograph. I have already published 80 research articles on the above areas. In every area, I have at least one research article. I am trying to develop many areas.

Research Interest :

* Theoretical Statistics: 1. Response Surface Design of Experiments (Rotatability & Slope-rotatability) 2. Block Design of Experiments 3. Regression Analysis 4. Demography, 5. Quality Engineering 6. Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) and joint GLMs *Applied Statistics: 7. Quality & reliability improvement experiments, 8. Civil Engineering, 9. Environmental Sc., 10. Genetics, 11. Hydrogeology, 12. Bio-statistics, 13. Medical Sciences, 14. Epidemiology on Thyroid disease, Liver disease, Diabetes, Carcinoma, Cardiovascular disease, etc.