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Dr. Carolina A. Berini, PhD.

Dr. Carolina A. Berini, PhD.
Instituto de Investigaciones Biom├ędicas en Retrovirus y SIDA (INBIRS)

Biography :

Carolina A. Berini was born in 1978 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She finished her high school in Duino, Trieste, Italy. After moving back from Italy, she received her B.S (2005) and PhD. degrees (2010) from the University of Buenos Aires under the direction of Dr. Mirna Biglione. She joined the National Reference Center for AIDS in 2002 as an undergraduate student; and after her post-doctoral fellowship at the Institute of Biomedical Research on retroviruses and AIDS, she continued as a researcher. She has always been involved in diagnosis; follow up of HTLV-1/2 patients and molecular epidemiology in populations such us men who have sex with men, sex workers, drug users, pregnant women, blood donors and Amerindians. She has also conducted molecular biology and basic research on HLA and galectines in relation to HTLV-1/2 infection. In 2004 she joined the Department of Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology, School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires as a teacher assistant and is still part of the permanent staff.

Research Interest :

Her research interests cover the development of diagnostic kits, epidemiology and molecular biology.