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Dr. Guesh Berhe Gebremichael

Dr. Guesh Berhe Gebremichael
Department of Marketing Management
Aksum University, Aksum

Biography :

 Teaching, preparing supporting materials and modules for undergraduate students, conducting society based research, offering consultancy services, participating in community services and other related assignments  Curriculum development for both undergraduate and postgraduate  Teaching, advising postgraduate students  Providing training on customer service and service delivery  Additionally, since March.2008, I had been working as Department head of Procurement &supply management (from March 2008--oct 2008 ) department  As a program coordinator of Marketing management ( from September 2010- August 14,2012)  As department head of Marketing, Logistics & supply chain management (from August 15, 2012 up to present).

Research Interest :

Marketer, Salesperson, Small Business Enterprise Specialist and consultant of Public and Private Institutions, Researcher, Educator, Trainer