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Dr. Lobna Khamis Mohamed

Dr. Lobna Khamis Mohamed
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Nursing
Tanta University

Biography :

Dr. Lobna Khamis Mohamed Ibrahim is an Assistant Professor in Faculty of Nursing – Tanta University, Egypt. She currently works as Vice Dean of Students’ Affairs in College of Applied Medical Sciences– University of Hafr Al-Batin (UHB), Saudi Arabia. She has more than twenty years of experiences in academic field of nursing. Her primary area of expertise is nursing administration and education. She has been published many researches including; personal preference and perceived barriers toward disclosure and report of incident errors, nurses' experiences toward perception of medication administration errors, role strain of undergraduate male nurse students, first-career and second-career nurses’ experiences of stress, presenteeism and burn-out during transition to practice, and experiences of Saudi female students towards the phenomena of bullying behaviors.

Research Interest :

Research interests of Dr. Lobna Khamis Mohamed is in nursing management & leadership, nursing education, advanced nursing practice and clinical nursing.