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Dr. Hassan Abdelwahed abdalla Shora

Dr. Hassan Abdelwahed abdalla Shora
Senior Researcher
Port-Said University

Biography :

Dr. Hassan A. Shora has thirty years of experience in providing healthcare and is interested in clinical medical researches since he was an undergraduate second year medical student published a brief review in acute diarrhea in 1984. He is graduated in 1988 atained diploma of medicine in 1995 1st Master of Cardiology in 2000 and International American Physician Recognition Award, of American Medical Association in 2003, renewed in 2007. He continued making researches after graduation along with his career as medical clinician. With strong interest in determinants and early markers of subclinical atherosclerosis in type 1 diabetic children and adolescents. Now, he is supervising Master and PhD theses in molecular biology of diabetes at Port-Said University. He is also Head of Medicine & Diabetes Center, Ismailia General Hospital. He teaches and trains residents in medicine and diabetes for Egyptian Board of Medicine since 2007 He also works as Editor for several medical journals, diabetes and endocrinology and as member of editorial boards of many medical journals worldwide.

Research Interest :

Internal medicine, molecular medicine, Diabetes, Cardiology, Nephrology .Adiponectin, adipose tissue, obesity, atherosclerosis, diabetic microvascular complications, cardiometabolic risk, novel anti-inflammatory therapies MoAb, CVD prevention systems and precision medicine type 2 diabetes.