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Prof. Hamdy Ahmad Mohammad Sliem

Prof. Hamdy Ahmad Mohammad Sliem
Faculty of medicine
Suez Canal University

Biography :

Dr. Hamdy Ahmad Sliem, currently serving as full professor of internal medicine and endocrinology in the school of medicine, Suez Canal University. Received MD degree from the college of medicine in 1994. Have over three decades experience in the management of diabetes, endocrinal disorders and evaluation of health status of those patients with chronic complications. In the last decade, have over 40 scientific publications in peer reviewed national and international journals, given multiple poster and oral presentations at various national and international conferences. Most of the publications were in the areas prediabetes, insulin resistance and of impact of diabetes on cardiovascular system. Member in editorial board in seven peer review open access international journals. Referee and per reviewer in more than 20 medical journals, more than 80 articles were reviewed in the last 4 years. Supervised and judged several medical theses and shared in many national projects related to different health problems.

Research Interest :

Prediabetes, Insulin resistance and of impact of diabetes on cardiovascular system