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Prof. Carole McArthur

Prof. Carole McArthur
University of Missouri
Kansas City

Biography :

Over the past 20 years I have developed and led a capacity-building program, AfriHealth Partnerships International, in sub-Saharan Africa focusing on HIV research relevant to this proposal. This has been funded from a diverse portfolio of resources in both the academic, private and corporate sector and has involved two recent NIH funded studies, one on salivary diagnostic tools, and the other on the role of smoking on HIV replication. Five papers (PMCID: PMC4399877, PMCID: PMC3912541, PMCID: PMC4007120, PONE-D-14-37862R2 and PMCID: PMC3468187) resulted from the NIH R21DA031616-01 based solely upon the clinical contribution from our program. The sub-Sahara is a challenging research environment that requires strong leadership, excellent communication and organizational skills, cultural sensitivity and combined clinical (M.D.) and basic science experience (PhD) to succeed. This group has developed the infrastructure, genomics and proteomics resources, salivary gland mucosal models, and nurtured patient centered collaborations required to complete this project. Having directed numerous clinical studies, the most recent salivary one in January 2015 , where we recruited 76 cART-naïve HIV patients within 60 days, all with CD4 counts under 350, initiated ART and obtained 4 follow-up CD4 counts and VLs 6 weeks apart to complete the data required for the NIH CTSA study in 5 months.

Research Interest :

I have the experience, training, clinical resources, and essential collaborations in both the community in Africa (Drs Paul Achu, Leo Ayuk and Didier Ntongsi), DR Congo (Dr Mumpanza) and in the US (Drs. Shui Ye, Mary Kearney and Cynthia Bristow) essential to complete this study. I have managed large projects that involved the recruitment of 15,000 to 20,000 patients in a year, obtained and maintained the IRB and other institutional approvals required, and have the well-established mechanisms for the shipping to the US. Importantly, I foster a climate to nurture long-term relationships that stimulates the careers of young scientists.