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MAY 2019

Anti-Diabetic Medication Cost of Type 2 Diabetic Patients at Tertiary Center in Malaysia
Salwa Selim Ibrahim Abougalambou*, Ayman S Abougalambou and Nahid Osman Ahmed
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Insulin Initiation: Challenges for Low-Middle-Income Countries
Mungrue K*
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Studies on the Fear of Disease Progression, Emotion Distress and Quality of Life Associated with Diabetic Prostate Cancer Patients
Tse-Chou Cheng, Yuan-Ping Chang, Yi-Hua Lee and De-Chih Lee*
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Effective of Multicomponent Intervention on Visceral Adiposity
Kripa Angeline*
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Stroke Visor: Evolutionary Application of Volumetric Impedance Phase Shift Spectroscopy in Early Detection of Stroke
Divya R and Rajajeyakumar M*
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