Research Article
Advertising Reaction on Consumer Buying Behavior Using of FM Radio
Suman Kumar Regmi*
Corresponding Author: Suman Kumar Regmi, The Nepal Administrative Staff College, Nepal.
Received: October 16, 2023; Revised: October 29, 2023; Accepted: November 01, 2023 Available Online: December 07, 2023
Citation: Regmi SK. (2024) Advertising Reaction on Consumer Buying Behavior Using of FM Radio. J Nurs Occup Health, 5(1): 522-527.
Copyrights: ©2024 Regmi SK. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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The preliminary data for reacting the ideas of the consumers reaction in the context of how FM Radio advertisement affects consumer’s purpose. Purchase purpose is the dependent variable and communicativeness, honorability, amusing, annoyance and encouragement are the independent variables. The preliminary data is used for reaching the ideas of the customers reaction in the context of how FM radio advertising affects consumer purchase in Nepal.

Effect of FM Radio advertisement on consumer buying after using FM Radio one hundred respondents have shown their response. Supporting relation has been seen among communicativeness, and purchase purpose. More FM Radio advertisement is communicativeness, more would be purchasing purpose.  The result also points out there is a positive relationship between honorability and purchase purpose. FM Radio advertisement leads to increase in purchase purpose. The study clears out that amusing positively related to purchase purpose. It says that amusing FM Radio advertisement causes the purchase purpose. Likewise, the findings show that encouragement is positively linked to purchase purpose. More, the FM Radio advertisement provides encouragement to product, higher the purchase purpose would be. It is pointed at supporting link between honorability and purchase purpose. The regression calculation also shows that communicativeness, honorability, amusing, and encouragement positively effect on purchase purpose. However, the coefficients are significant only for the amusing at five percent level.

Obtaining the objectives of the research, questionnaires has been distributed. The regression formula has been shown to trace the link for impact on advertising to consumer buying behavior in the context of FM Radio advertising in Kathmandu Valley.

Keywords: Communicativeness, Honorability, Amusement, Annoyance, Encouragement, Purchase purpose

Along-with the initiation of Integrated Marketing System, advertising has been rapidly grown taking part in integrated marketing. Different types of advertising and product advertisement and brand awareness have expanded the appreciation among customers. Competitiveness occurred by persuaders attempt to change the mind of customer by comparing functional performances. Competitiveness advertisements are taken for bringing functional performance. Other advertisements are durable in trash bags. Remaining advertisements can keep consumer believing what other advertisement what other advertisement have been set up. In the context of coca ads already, already set up mind should be used. New information and new ads may hamper in the context of popularity of coca advertisements [1]. The study also is given that new advertisement has affected attitude towards product attitude. Advertising is paid form is used to change the mind of the customers in massive scale. Marketing mix concept is used to change the mind of customers. Advertisement is used to change the mind of customers by distributing information. In addition, advertising helps in achieving effective market segmentation, differentiation and positioning and further, advertising contributes to revenue and profit generation as well. Attractive and informative content creates better consumer awareness. Product advertised may collect more value in the product. Advertisement brings new features and attitude and behavior by using various types of advertisement by evaluating and brand acceptance. Since group of FM Radio listeners is rapidly encouraging, FM listening media is also becoming popularity. From different perspective and variables, it is seen that advertisement can reach successful range by choosing FM Radio. Behavior can be changed by evaluating the features from product and services. Behavior plays various types of actioners for individual change and disposing goods. Communicativeness, annoyance, amusing, can be created by the use of FM Radio access, by manipulating and perception affecting on brand image. The added of honorability and encouragement are taken as background for relating monetary imitative. Less popular FM Radio than popular one has not been attractive in working. People follow FM Radio for social linkage. for creating image, usage, and information. FM Radio has received less attraction in academic circle but it has created mind set in user. However, FM Radio has got important in favoring customers’ attraction. FM Radio adopting popularity in decision process. Traditional Radio advertising displayed ads are not usable. The purchase purpose has not been planned as not perceived.  FM Radio has adopted Radio advertisement displayed advertisement. FM Radio program and advertisement have been used not considering movement pattern. It is argued that the favorable conditions have not been representing their product features. It is argued that not only in FM Radio advertising increasing but also attracting more consumers in knowing their attitude and buying purchase. Communication should be used for multiple effects. It is found that Nepalese buyers are more likely to purchase after FM Radio advertisement if find attractive products features compatible their needs and social scope and horizon. It is argued that customers’ changed trend to cope with the features or product service has been used to obtain the acceptance provided. In the context of consumer movement, it is argued in advertisement selling for determination for acceptance. FM Radio recognition should have been initiation effect. In relation to Nepal, it was found that Nepali businesses are more likely to listen FM Radio for finding attractive product features compatible with their needs and social scope. It is seen that relation occurring between price and consumer behavior. This is expressing that the companies cannot differ the customers as per narrow concept. Today, customers are being expressed by global environment and having the string of   that is why technological aspect could not be treated as discounted diversion of product in the case of narrow local customers. It is revealed that service quality, behavior of employees and customers convenience have some sort of link with customers. It is concluded as known the teenage percentage with FM Radio differs but a different percentage of Metropolitan City represents quoted style as the most important deciding factor. The most important factor in deciding the brand was quality to majority of the Metropolitan cities, Sub-Metropolitan cities and Municipality represents but a distinct percentage of MPC respondents quoted style as the most important deciding factors. FM Radio advertising may decide consumer purchase This study is based on communicativeness, honorability, annoyance, amusing and encouragement on customer product purchase. This study is based on the methodology and advertising reaction on customer behavior.


Objectives of the study is to locate the consumers’ purchase purpose. The additional objectives of the study are:

  • To explore the influences of communicativeness, honorability, and amusing in consumer behavior factor.
  • To identify the annoyance and encouragement factors of consumers for their purchase purpose.
  • The study shows the factors influencing consumer buying behavior towards purchase purpose after the use of FM Radio.
  • H1: There is positive relationship between FM Radio advertisement communicativeness and purchase purpose.
  • H2: Supporting relations exist on honorability to purchase purpose.
  • H3: There seems relation between advertisement amusement and purpose.
  • H4: It seems negative relations in annoying content in advertisement and purchase purpose.
  • H5: Encouragement for purchase advertisement media has been linked.


The study has initially based on qualitative research to conceptualize the purchase purpose. On the basis of the qualitative study few hypotheses have been developed which were tested later through. primary and secondary data using correlation and regression formula. Purpose of data were collected through questionnaires survey through online and visiting to respondents. The questionnaires were distributed to collect information about the purchase and its independent variables. One hundred respondents from FM Radio listeners representing are taken from scope area. Thoughts were accumulated from communicativeness, honorability, amusement, annoyance, encouragement, and purchase purpose. Purchase purpose has been made depending on communicativeness, honorability, amusement, annoyance, encouragement, and purchase purpose.

The formula

Therefore, the formula is given below:

Where, PP: Purchase Purpose; C: Communicativeness; H: Honorability; A: Amusing; An: Annoyance; Ec: Encouragement

Communicativeness was measured using a 5-item scale. Communicativeness in the scale has been slightly supportive. FM Radio has been used in communicativeness on product and features. Product items have been selected by using FM Radio for purchase purse. Advertising is a good reference for purchases products' and so on. Honorability has been disagreed within the scale. Honorability was measured using a 5-item scale. Amusing was measured using 5-item scale. Amusing has been agreed within the range of scale. Announce was measured using a 5-point scale. Items have been annoyed through FM Radio advertisement. Encouragement was measured using 5-item scale. Encouraging and responses were satisfied by using FM Radio advertisement. Below mentioned are variables both in dependent and non-dependent.


In FM Radio context, communication matters are appropriate for FM Radio advertisement. Thus, communicativeness experiences share in FM Radio advertisement for communicative product purchase and idea.


Honorability in FM Radio advertisement has been changed in communication messages. Honorability and FM Radio messages have been seen linking in this area.


Amusing from Radio advertisement has been encouraged while releasing attitude towards products. FM Radio advertisement and amusement have been seen amusing as desired.

Based on it, this study hypothesis has been made linked.


FM advertisements are annoying, involving negative feelings towards advertisements. Annoyance may express the negative side of the FM Radio advertisement. Past shows annoyance low value has been received by the customer. FM Radio advertisement that may be fruitful to tap consumer’s attitude. FM Radio may show annoyance in comprehensively wanted to the customer. Annoyance expressing from FM Radio may be financially strong.

Based on it, it incorporates H4 hypothesis.


Encouragement for purchase purposes shows FM Radio can be achievably notably. Increasing encouragement for consumers receiving from FM Radio advertisement leads to increase in consumer purpose to acquire. This study looks at the impact of FM Radio advertising on consumer buying behavior after using FM Radio in Kathmandu Valley. The study is based on one hundred respondents. Information providing is good referrer for purchase. Early study shows visible advantage giving more attraction to importance.

Schematic diagram of influence of independent variables practices on purchase purpose.

These Variables can be seen by looking at the conceptual variable (Figure 1).


Advertisement is non-personal expression by a sponsor Sushil. Customer, distributor may not involve psychological procedure [1]. Observable behavior can trace mental and emotional process [2]. To believe attitude towards the product features as belief in consumer’s attitude [1]. Publicity affects modifying the attitude of the consumer’s product [3]. The study shows that consumers favor to modify the purchase step by linking the information that relates the attitude.  Arshad [4] explored that sensible atmosphere reaction in publicity have major effect on consumer purchase attitude. Many of customers may access to FM Radio sets after listening FM radio response where sensible change should have major affect the atmosphere as customers want to purchase materials those fulfilling these and of which they are atmospheric touched. Belch and Belch [5] takes advertisement valuable and non-valuable information exchange for an organization, product, service, or idea. Further, advertisement valuable information for their firms that need the idea for disseminations. In addition, advertisement helps in achieving effective market segmentation, differentiation and positioning and further, advertising contributes to revenue and profit generation as well. Fatima and Lodhi [6] states attractive and informative content creates better consumer awareness and such information can work more effectively if the firms are enabling to make a better combination of all elements of promotion mix rather than being attached to only on advertising. Likewise, Rai [7] said that more publicity product comprises of more features and so on of more value. The study again repeats that buying attributes and attitude is affected by many types of publicity that has added brand and product verification and acceptance. Loudon and Bitta argued that buyer attitude is the decision step and passing steps in which evaluation, activating by fulfilling the goods or services. Buyer behavior plays various types of roles and they are strategy affecter, customer and consumers. While knowing the buyer attitude, the outer variables like knowing and norm as well as external variable like social need and customer modify the attitude of consumer. While studying the consumer behavior, the internal factors such as learning and motives as well as external factors such as social expectation, and customer affects the behavior of consumers. Ducoffe [8] created idea to know attitude working towards electronic media using and image making advertisement value. Knowing and making a publicity’s importance more remarkable. Ducoffe [8] knew that independent variables of publicity importance on the electronic media. Varnali [9] has organized encouragement as monetary advantage. Purchase purpose shows that the customer makes planning or willing to buy product, and service [10-11]. Zubcsek argued that consumer’s movement pattern has commercial value. Pandey [12] revealed linked price with consumer’s attitude. Motivation elements have been linked to strategy. Purpose achieving delay in exhibition may lead to attitude and belief changing [13]. The above presentation shows that non-consistency in results concerns FM advertisement and customer ‘s purchase objective. Thus, the study has been followed to look how FM Radio advertising influences customer’s purchase purpose. Therefore, this study has been taken to see how the FM Radio advertising influences consumers’ purchase purpose in Kathmandu Valley. Relatively, it examines effect of communicativeness, honorability, amusing, annoying, and encouragement on consumer purchase purpose. The study is organized on introduction, objectives, materials and methods, literature review, data analysis, and results and conclusion.


For data analysis, correlation has been used for the purpose. Mean and standard deviation have been resulted as seen in Table 1.

Communicativeness has been corelated to purchase purpose. Higher the level of communication messages regarding product on the advertisement, higher would be the purchase purpose. Honorability for purchase purpose has been seen better. Amusement has also been related to purchase purpose remarking greater level of amusement on the advertisement, higher would be purchase purpose.

Regression analysis

The results of communicativeness, honorability, amusing, annoyance, and encouragement on purchase purpose have to know from FM Radio (Table 2).

Correlation coefficients have been performed. Communicativeness and other variables have been known from FM Radio. The study is based on formula. In Table 2 it is shown that the coefficients on communicativeness are positive with purchase purpose. Communicativeness are in support of purchase purpose. Honorability is linked with purchase purpose showing its impact on purchase purpose. Likewise, beta coefficients are positive with purchase purpose. Annoying and encouragement have given its affect with purchase purpose.  It is found that how FM Radio advertising influences consumer’s purchase purpose. Listeners have been represented from selected with Kathmandu Valley. The particulars related to communicativeness, honorability, amusement, annoyance, encouragement and purchase purpose was administered through questionnaires. Communicativeness and purchase purpose have been linked. It has been indicated that more the advertising leads to communicativeness, lower would be purchase purpose. Outcome of honorability may result positive relationship. Amusement has been linked to purchase purpose. Study remarks that amusing advertisement causes the purchase purpose. In the same manner, the outcome may lead to encouragement for purchase purpose. The more the advertisement offer to the encouragement with product, higher the purchase purpose would be. The regression results show that communicativeness, honorability, amusement, annoyance, annoying, and encouragement may lead to purchase purpose. The amusement is significant less than five percent level. There is multi-relation between communicativeness, advertisement influences, and purchase purpose. The outcome of this study has implication not only to the academicians but also the business and non-business community and to the policy makers. The regression results show that all the independent variables have major influence’s role of independents variables to purchase purpose. The correlation analysis reveals that the independent variables have strong relation with customer behavior influencing purchase purpose. It seems that there is a positive relationship between communicativeness and FM Radio advertising influences on consumers’ purchase purpose. The result has been seemed that higher the communicativeness, higher would be the advertising influence on consumer’s purchase purpose of FM radio advertising. The results also show that there is a positive attachment between communicativeness and FM Radio advertising that influences on consumer’s plan. In the same manner, the results have been seen that higher the communicative, higher would be advertising on consumer’s purchase purpose of FM Radio advertising. In the same way, the results also hint that encouragement is positively on consumers purchase purpose. Similarly, it has been resulted that amusing and annoying are negative linked to advertising influence on consumer’s purchase purpose. Similarly, the results show that there is supplying related honorability and purchase purpose. It seems that more the step of encouragement, more would be advertising by influencing consumer’s purchase purpose. The regression marks also that independent variables have positive effect on advertising influence on consumers’ purchase purpose. However, the coefficients are significant for communicativeness and annoying at less than five percent level.

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