Journal of Pharmacy and Health Science Research

Journal of Pharmacy and Health Science Research is an International Open Access Journal, provides the Platform for reporting innovations, technologies, initiatives and the application of scientific knowledge to all aspects of pharmacy, medicine, clinical and allied health sciences research. 

Frequency: Quarterly ( Four issues per year)

March, June, September, December

Scope of the Journal covers: Pharmaceutical sciences aspects : Physical pharmacy, pharmacognosy, natural product research, pharmaceutics, novel drug delivery, biopharmaceutics, animal and human pharmacokinetics, biophysical chemistry, pharmaceutical/medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry and molecular drug design, molecular modeling , including drug design and prodrug strategies , pharmaceutical analysis, biochemistry ,pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical technology , cell and molecular biology ,clinical and hospital pharmacy, pharmacodynamics and pharmacogenomics , immunology , Pharmacovigilance, experimental animal pharmacology, toxicology, molecular (genetic), biochemical and cellular pharmacology, and biotechnology of pharmaceutical interest. 

Medical, clinical and Health sciences aspects: Anatomy & Physiology, Forensic Medicine ,Genetics, Immunology ,Molecular Biology, Microbiology and pathology, clinical practice, translational medicine, medical and health advances, global health, policy, behavioral Health, Gynecology, ENT, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Surgery, Community medicine and Public health.

Journal of Pharmacy and Health Science Research publishes Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini-review, Critical review, Case Reports, Short Communications and Letters to the Editor. 

Journal of Pharmacy and Health Science Research welcomes submissions of manuscripts via Online Submission System or via email to the Editorial Office at or


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