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Prof. Luigi De Gennaro

Prof. Luigi De Gennaro
Professor and Director
Department of Psychology & Sleep Laboratory
University of Rome

Biography :

Full Professor of Physiological Psychology at the Department of Psychology - University of Rome “ Sapienza”, and Director of the Sleep Laboratory of University of Rome Sapienza. Author of more than 130 articles on international peer-reviewed journals (Total I.F.= ~ 450; H-index ISI=32 Scopus=36 Google Scholar=43 ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0003-3613-6631; Publons: https://publons.com/author/668323/luigi-de-gennaro - profile). He is Associate Editor of Journal of Sleep Research, and member of the Editorial Board of many journals (Frontiers of Psychology, Frontiers in Neurogenomics, Neural Regeneration Research, Medicine and Disorders International, Open Journal of Neuroscience, Open Medical Imaging Journal, World Journal of Neurology, World Journal of Radiology, Journal of Clinical Cases, International Journal of Neurology Research, JOURNAL OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Sleep Spindles & Cortical Up States). Reviewer of the several journals (among these: Science, Nature Communications, J Sleep Res; Cer Cortex; Sleep Med Rev; Neuroimage; Journal of Neuroscience; Human Brain Mapping; Brain Topograph).

Research Interest :

His main Topics in Sleep Research are: (1) Neurophysiology (Heritability, Excitability of motor cortex, Cortico-Hippocampal networks, Corpus callosum, Sleep fragmentation, Sleep onset, Sleep inertia, Sleepiness, Oculomotor system, Placebo effect, Dream recall, Personality correlates of dreaming, Sptial learning and memory, Exposure to GSM fields); Pathologies (Sleep disorders; Depression; Alzheimer Disease)