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Prof. Michel Goldberg

Prof. Michel Goldberg
Professor Emeritus
Dental Surgeon
University Paris Cite (Paris Descartes) & INSERM UMR-S 1124

Biography :

• President of the local organizing committee of the 57 Conference “at large” of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) Nice June 1998 • Scientific President Annual Congress Association Dentaire Française (ADF) Paris 1992 • Scientific President Annual Congress ADF and FDI Paris 2000 • President Annual Congress ADF Paris 2003.

Research Interest :

-Extracellular matrix and biomineralizations (phosphorylated and glycosylated proteins, proteoglycans, phospholipids, metalloproteinases) - Development of dental tissues : dentinogenesis, amelogenesis - Pulp biology, adult STEM cells, recruitment and differentiation- Tissue engineering - biocompatibility of restorative biomaterials with pulp cells.