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Dr. Priyadarshi Soumyaranjan Sahu, PhD

Dr. Priyadarshi Soumyaranjan Sahu, PhD
Division of Pathology
School of Medicine, International Medical University

Biography :

I am currently affiliated to International Medical University as a Faculty under Division of Pathology, School of Medicine. My specialty is in the field of Infectious Diseases and Host Response (Microbiology and Immunology). I am a professional having over 15 years of experiences from academics, industry and research fields. Following my PhD in Microbiology (Faculty of Medicine) from India, I relocated to USA on a postdoctoral fellowship where my understanding in the field of infectious diseases and host responses was further strengthened. My major field of interest is to work on neuroinfections presenting with acute onset seizures. Subsequently I have been working in University teaching and laboratory medicine services. It’s my pleasure to highlight further on my expertise in the fields of diagnostic laboratory services and hospital operation, project development, content development for teaching-learning/training, and people management. Also the science and technology research projects from academics skilled me with leadership, mentorship as well as project management qualities. I have acquired ample expertise in laboratory techniques as well as GLP concepts relevant to clinical diagnostic laboratories.

Research Interest :

Infectious Diseases and Host Response.