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Prof. Araceli Sanz-Martin, PhD

Prof. Araceli Sanz-Martin, PhD
Stress and Neurodevelopment Laboratory
Instituto de Neurociencias, Centro Universitario de Ciencias

Biography :

I am Psychology from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, obtaining the Bachelor's Degree in 1997 with a study on electroencephalographic changes associated with the presence of the couple which was made in the Psychophysiology Lab of Consciousness directed by Dr. Jacobo Grinberg Zylberbaum. At the end of the degree I won the Gabino Barreda medal, having the best average of my generation. My master's and doctoral studies in Behavioral Sciences (neurosciences orientation) were carried out at the Neurosciences Institute of the University of Guadalajara. In the master's degree, I had as a research topic the sexual differences and the effect of the menstrual cycle in the recognition of emotions, study with which he obtained the degree in 2000 and recognition as a distinguished student. During the doctorate, I continued my research on emotional processing, but now in epileptics after temporary lobectomy. I obtained my doctorate degree in 2004. In the same year, I obtained a scholarship to carry out a summer course on the frontal lobes at the Institute of Advanced Studies "Vivian Smith" of the International Society of Neuropsychology.

Research Interest :

Currently, my main interest in research focuses on the effects of early stress on the development of the central nervous system, as well as the effect of mindfulness on executive functioning, EEG activity or cortisol levels in young offenders and adolescents with PTSD secondary to Sexual Abuse.