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Dr. Tsabang Nole, PhD

Dr. Tsabang Nole, PhD
Independent Consultant
Institute of Medical Research and Studies of Medicinal Plants
Head of Association Save the Planet and Sustainable Development

Biography :

Tsabang Nolé has completed his PhD at the age of 48 years. He is a botanist and ecologist with many Research, Ungraduate and Graduate Teaching skills including Ethnobotany, Ethnopharmacology, Plant Ecophysiology, Natural resources management, EAIA, Environmental health and Ecosystem dynamic. Later on he obtained his post-graduation from the University of Yaounde 1, he started working at The Institute of Medical Research and Studies of Medicinal Plants where he has continued his research. Presently he is working as visiting lecturer in three Universities in Cameroon. Tsabang Nole has 58 publications and he is a principal investigator of 4 books published by Heifer Project International, Cameroon and he is editor and/or reviewer in many international journals. Dr. Tsabang formal education includes Licence (BS), Maîtrise and DEA (MS) and Ph.D. in Botany and Ecology. He has participated in three short-term training including Ethnobiology, Implantation of Biodiversity plot and Evaluation and Monotoring of Biodiversity

Research Interest :

His research has included the following specialties: Botany, Ecology, Ethnobotany, Ethnopharmacology, Ethnoveterinary, Environmental sciences (Climate change, environmental health, ESIA) , Conservation of bioresources etc