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Dr. Ozlem Ateş Duru

Dr. Ozlem Ateş Duru
Assistant Professor
Department of Medical Services and Techniques
Vocational School, Nisantasi University

Biography :

Research Skills: • Skilled in using Biostat-Q multifermenter, VITEK Automated Identification System, HPLC, Gel Documentation Systems, MALDI-Tof and ESI Q-Tof Mass Spectrophotometer, FT-IR, PCR and basic laboratory equipments • Skilled in many biochemical and chemical techniques (Protein, Carbohydrate, DNA analysis, etc.)

Research Interest :

• Fermentation Technologies and Modeling • Identification of microorganisms • Biotechnology • Enzyme production and optimization • Biopolymer production • Biochemical engineering • Systems Biology • Genomics • Proteomics • Network Analysis • Bioethanol production • Microbiology • Polymer modification and characterization • Extremophiles