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Prof. Mohammed A.E. Sallam

Prof. Mohammed A.E. Sallam
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science
Alexandria University

Biography :

Professor Mohammed Sallam is working as a professor of Organic Chemistry Faculty of Science, Alexandria University. He got his PhD from Alexandria University, Then He got several Postdoctoral fellowships and Visiting Scientist at Biochemistry Department Purdue University, Medicinal Chemistry, Michigan State University, Medicinal Chemistry, Ohio State University, Department of Chemistry, University of Trondheim, Norway. He is Board editor at several Journals; J. of Carbohydrate Chemistry, 1983-2000, Green and Sustainable Chemistry, GSC, 2011-present, and Vitamins and Minerals Reports, November 2013- 2014 ( the Journal discontinued).

Research Interest :

His Major field is Carbohydrates and C-nucleosides and Circular Dichroism Spectroscopy