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Dr. Mona Mohamed Mogahed

Dr. Mona Mohamed Mogahed
Associate Professor
Anesthesiology and Surgical Intensive Care
Tanta University

Biography :

While working as a lecturer of Anesthesiology & ICU in Tanta University Hospital ( 30 operating theaters and 1500 beds ) , while working as assistant lecturer in Tanta University hospital and while working as consultant in Tanta cancer institute I was got the opportunity to acquire excellent experience in General and Regional Anesthesia for thousands of Surgical Procedures such as Traumatology, Urology, Gynecology, ENT General, Cardiothoracic, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Plastic, , Pediatric, Laparoscopic and Neurosurgeries. I had the opportunity to manage Anesthetic Procedures for all risk levels especially in multiple traumas (war injuries),with excellent experience in all preoperative & postoperative anesthetic procedures including central lines, arterial Catheterization, Porta cath insertion and postoperative pain management. I had faced during the years of work a considerable amount of Anesthetic complication and I have excellent experience in the management of the complications of General , Regional Anesthesia. With considerable experience in the management of the high risk cases, elderly patients and pediatrics anesthesia. During my work I had special interest in Regional Anesthesia such as Epidural, Spinal , Peribulbar, Several ultrasound technique nerve blocks and Epidural Obstetric Analgesia. I had in the field of Intensive Care a very good knowledge in management of critical cases patients including C.P.R, and other troubled vital functions such as in the methods of mechanical ventilation, weaning as well as parenteral and enteral nutrition and metabolic balance

Research Interest :

o Nutritional assessment o Entral nutrition o Parentral nutrition o Obesity • Preventive nutrition • Cancer Patient nutrition • Renal patient Nutrition • Hepatic Patient nutrition • Pancreatic patient nutrition • Neurological patient nutrition • Perioperative nutrition • Nutrition for patients in intensivecare • Pediatric nutrition • Sport nutrition • Diabetic patient nutrition • Metabolic syndrome nutrition • Dyslipidemia nutrition • Geriatric nutrition • Neorological disease nutrition