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Prof. Pei-Hsin Huang, MD

Prof. Pei-Hsin Huang, MD
National Taiwan University
University Hospital

Biography :

Dr. Pei-Hsin Huang has earned her MD from College of Medicine, National Taiwan University in 1989 and finished her MS study in Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University in 1996. After finishing her Residency training in Dept of Pathology National Taiwan University Hospital, she continues serving as an attending physician, a researcher, and a University teacher in National Taiwan University and University Hospital.

Research Interest :

Dr. Huang’s main research interest focuses on mammalian neurodevelopment mediated by neuron-enriched molecules and their related pathological processes such as carcinogenesis. In addition, being a neuropathologist, Dr. Huang puts part of her research effort on the study of CNS diseases, particularly on human congenital CNS malformation.