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Dr. Chien-Chang Chen

Dr. Chien-Chang Chen
Assistant Professor
Bio-Microsystems Integration Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
National Central University

Biography :

Dr. Chien-Chang Chen so far is an assistant professor with department of biomedical sciences and engineering, national central university, Taiwan. He devoted himself in the modeling/device designs of BioMEMS and unsupervised learning algorithms in multidisciplinary applications. His research team and he are focusing on methods of engineering and scientific modeling and machine learning algorithms in biomedical applications. They designed specific bioelectromagnetic apparatus and micro-incubator to investigate the morphological variations and migrations of cancer cells. They are also developing algorithms of computer vision for structural reconstructions of cell morphologies using ultrasonic devices. Recently, they are pursuing an unsupervised learning method for 3-dimensional structural reconstructions of MRI and brainbow imageries.

Research Interest :

• Machine learning algorithms of bioinformatics • 3D structural reconstruction of biomedical imageries • Bioelectromagnetic devices of BioMEMS • Engineering and scientific modeling