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Prof. Hui Wang

Prof. Hui Wang
Professor and Head
Aquiculture Department
Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU).

Biography :

WANG Hui: Female, was born on 20 May 1963 in Shan’dong province, P. R. China, Professor, PhD supervisor, and head of the Aquiculture Department in Shandong Agricultural University (SDAU). Education: In 1986, graduated from Shan’dong University majoring in biology science and got bachelor’s degree. In 1997, graduated from SDAU and got the master’s degree on animal genetics and breeding. In 2004, graduated from China Agriculture University and got a PhD on animal genetics and breeding. Work experiences: During 1986–1996, do work as a lecturer in SDAU. Then, do work as an associate professor (1996–2006) and as a professor (since 2006) at the College of Animal Science and Technology of SDAU. Lecturing courses: Modern Animal breeding, Animal Biotechnology, Transgenic Animal Technology, Embryo Engineering Technology, Animal Clone Technology, Molecular and Cell Biology Technology, Animal Healthy Culture for graduate students, and Animal biology, Animal Genetics and Breeding for undergraduate students. Member of Shandong province agriculture Expert Advisory Panel. As a visiting scholar at University of Maryland from 2014.11-2015.05

Research Interest :

Animal genetics resources, Animal biotechnology and breeding, Aquaculture, and Animal Healthy Culture.