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Dr. Xuejun H Parsons, PhD  Co-Founder & President

Dr. Xuejun H Parsons, PhD Co-Founder & President
Associate Professor
Founder & CEO, Xcelthera INC. Founder, California Consortium for Regenerative Medicine Startup
San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute

Biography :

Dr. Xuejun Huang Parsons received her BS in Biology from Fudan University, PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell Biology from Cornell University, and completed her PostDoc studies as a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Research Fellow at University of California at San Diego, USA. Since, she has been supported by grants from National Institutes of Health (NIH) to become an independent stem cell scientist and leader in pluripotent human stem cell research as principal investigator and faculty at University of California and Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute, USA. She has served as the key personnel and project leader in one of the US exploratory centers for pluripotent human stem cell research funded by National Institutes of Health (NIH), and has led the collaborative effort with prestigious US stem cell biologists to develop the utility of pluripotent human stem cells as a model system for a diverse range of biological and medical problems. Dr. Parsons is the co-founder and President of San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute, founder and CEO of Xcelthera INC, and co-founder and CEO of PluriStem Biopharmaceutical Ltd. Dr. Parsons is an internationally recognized expert and leader in the emerging field of pluripotent human stem cells and regenerative medicine, and has been invited to speak at many international conferences on stem cells, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy. Dr. Parsons' invention on pluripotent human stem cell technology has won prestigious North American Technology Innovation Award in Stem Cell Technologies in 2013 based on an extensive and independent competitive analysis of the North American Stem Cell Technologies Market and the findings of Best Practices research by Frost & Sullivan. Dr. Parsons is the inventor of several patents on human stem cell technology, author of more than 20 high impact articles published in internationally-recognized top scientific journals of stem cells and regenerative medicine, and serving on the editorial boards of several open-access scientific journals. Dr. Parsons has many years of experience in biomedical research and life sciences industry, with expertise and leadership in human stem cell research and cell-based regenerative medicine, in-depth understanding of pluripotent human stem cell research to the advance of medicine and improvement of human health, and entrepreneurship in business startup. Her original human stem cell research breakthroughs render high efficient neuronal or cardiac lineage-specific differentiation directly from the pluripotent state of human embryonic stem cells by small molecule induction, which opens the door for human neural and cardiac tissue engineering and regeneration as well as to investigate molecular neurogenesis and cardiogenesis in human embryonic development using powerful in vitro model systems. She is the first to develop the proprietary breakthrough human stem cell technology for large-scale production of high quality clinical-grade pluripotent human stem cell lines and their functional human neuronal and heart cell therapy derivatives for commercial and therapeutic uses, which have overcome some major obstacles in bringing pluripotent human embryonic stem cell therapy derivatives towards clinical applications for unmet medical challenges in incurable or hitherto untreatable neurodegenerative and heart diseases, and which has generated intellectual property to enable therapeutic development, commercialization, and clinical practice of proprietary pluripotent human stem cell therapy tools and products for startup company. Her medical innovations provide life scientists and clinicians with novel, efficient, and powerful resources and tools to address world-wide major health concerns, which will shape the future of medicine by providing pluripotent human stem cell-based technology for human tissue and function restoration, and bringing new therapeutics into the market.

Research Interest :

stem cell research, regenerative medicine, cell therapy, neural regeneration/engineering, cardiac regeneration/engineering, cellular and molecular medicine