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Prof. Mrinal K Ghosh PhD, FNASc, FAScT

Prof. Mrinal K Ghosh PhD, FNASc, FAScT
Principal Scientist
Division of Cancer Biology & Inflammatory Disorder Signal Transduction in Cancer & Stem Cells
CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology

Biography :

Dr. Mrinal K Ghosh is a leading scientist engaged in signal transduction in cancer and stem cells research as well as clinical cancer research in a collaborative effort with the clinicians and chemists. He has made extraordinary contribution in the field of basic and translational cancer research in India, focusing on signaling crosstalk(s), right target identification, drug development and targeted delivery. He is always enthusiastic and dynamic about new ideas and hypotheses. He has discovered a unique viral mechanism of chromatin remodeling in cancer initiation (Molecular Cell: 2003) and some intriguing mechanistic insights in cancer initiation and progression (Oncogene: 2005, 2013, 2015 and 2016(in press); EMBO J: 2001; JCB: 2000; FEBS J: 2014; Cell Signal: 2014 and 2016; Breast Can Res.: 2014; Molecular Therapy: 2015; Oncotarget: 2017 (in press) etc.). He has successfully supervised 10 PhD theses, 5 MS dissertations and currently guiding 10 PhD students and one DST-WOS. He is a very good-natured person, and one of the bright scientists to emerge from Kolkata and a recipient of National Academy Awards viz. FNASc (2015), FAScT (2015) and invitation from GRC.

Research Interest :

Clinical Interests: Breast, Prostate & Colon cancers, especially TNBC Brain cancer, especially GBM. Research Interests: Molecular mechanism of oncogenesis, Signaling crosstalks, RNA helicase p68 in cancer, Drug target identification & validation, Tumor modeling Cancer stem cells, Nanotherapeitics Targeted cancer therapy.