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Prof. Yoo-Hun Suh

Prof. Yoo-Hun Suh
Chaired professor and President
Neuroscience Research Institute
Gachon University

Biography :

Prof. Yoo-Hun Suh is now Chaired Professor and President of the Neuroscience Research Institute of Gachon Univ. He was the founding president of Korea Brain Research Institute. Furthermore, he is a professor emeritus of College of Medicine at Seoul National University. He won Korea’s Most Distinguished Scientist Award, the National Government Medals and other many prizes. He was selected one of 20 outstanding Korean Medical Scientists and one of 21 outstanding Korean Scholars of the 21st Century. He is an editor and editorial board member for 6 SCIs (Journal of Pharmacological Sciences, Journal of Neurochemistry, Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience Research, Neurochemical Research and Neuroscience Research). He first cloned the gene for epinephrine synthesizing enzyme, PNMT and has greatly contributed to the discovery of a new potential gene and factors for AD, the development of potential stem cell and drugs for AD and PD. He has published more than 200 papers and over 50 books. Presently, professor Yoo-Hun, Suh is a Member of Board of Trustee, HFSP(Human Frontier Science Program), a member of Korean National Academy of Science and Technology, a member of Korean National Academy of Medicine and a Member of Korean National Science and Technology council. In addition, he is a Member of International Scientific Advisory Board of AD & PD and a Member of International Scientific Advisory Board of International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders(AAIC). He was the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 22nd Biennial Meeting of international society of neurochemistry(ISN), the president of FAONS(Federation of Asia, Oceanic Neuroscience Societies), the president of APSN(Asia Pacific Society for Neurochemistry), the president of Korean Society for pharmacology, the president of Korean Society for Brain & Neuroscience, the president of Korean Society for cognitive Science, the president of Korean Society for neurodegenerative Diseases, the president of Korean Mind, Brain and Education Society, the Director of National Creative Research Initiatives Center for AD, the Director of Neuroscience Res. Institute, Seoul National Univ. and the Director of Cognitive Science Inst., Seoul National Univ..

Research Interest :

Pathogenesis, Early diagnosis and Stemcell therapy for AD, PD and other brain diseases.