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Dr. Rukmini Bhardwaj, Ph.D

Dr. Rukmini Bhardwaj, Ph.D
ORISE Fellow
Office of Tissues and Advanced Therapies
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Biography :

A qualified and experienced post-doctoral candidate involved presently in cancer research and previously on malaria vaccine development with expertise in bioprocess engineering, protein purification, characterization, validation and execution of immunoassays for pre-clinical &clinical studies and writing grants. Demonstrated a sustained degree of expertise in handing difficult protein purification and characterizations at laboratories in India and USA. My personal strengths include self-motivation, strong interpersonal skills and multitasking.

Research Interest :

Recombinant protein production, Protein Characterization, Bioprocess Engineering, Molecular Biology, Immunoassays, Microbiology, Animal studies, Bio-statistic tools, Documentation