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Prof. Qiuliang WANG

Prof. Qiuliang WANG
Professor and Head
Division of Superconducting Magnet Science and Technology
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Biography :

Qiuliang Wang has been employed several world extinguished institutions, including Kyushu University in the Japan, Korean Electro-technology Institute, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in Korea, GSI in the Germany, MIT in USA, and UoW, UoQ in the Australia, and Oxford Instrument in the UK. During the past 20 years. He has gained more than 12 awards including in the two National Science and Technology Awards. Qiuliang Wang published SCI paper more than 280, and 154 patents in Chian and 15 patents in USA. He has established broad collaboration in the world, including the USA, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Australian. He has attended exchange program between China and Australia for two times, and has long time collaboration with the Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials, UOW, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UOQ, CERN, MIT and National Fusion Center of Korea.

Research Interest :

He has been working in imaging method for MRI, Mass spectrometry, MS, NMR and MRI, Scientific Instrument, Biomedical Engineering, and large scale Applied Superconductivity.