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Dr. Nadeem Luqman

Dr. Nadeem Luqman
Behavioural Researcher
Ansal University

Biography :

I am educator and researcher with experience of approximately 7 years. Learning is life time process and we tend to gain experience in every stage of life. I would like to summarise my key learning experiences to gain in the capacity of being a professional associate and consultant between 2009 -2018. As a research scholar I was involved in many research-based projects with, Aligarh Police and Heinz India ltd besides this had done data analysis of dissertations and Phd thesis from different departments. Additionally took teaching assignments in faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This stint in AMU provided a strong grounding for taking a challangening assignment of being a full time Faculty in AMITY UNIVERSITY. When I joined Amity University in 2012 the department of psychology was at its formative stage of being. There were only 5 students managed by 2 faculties under one Bachelor’s programme. Today 445 students enrolled in 8 UG/PG programmes managed by 8 faculties. I have significantly contributed over past 6.5years in developing this department my contribution not being limited to teaching but also taking care of administrative responsibilities at the behest of the senior management for example admission duties, examination coordination in the dept. Conducting faculty development programmes and workshops providing assistance in data analysis to research across departments. Writing and reviewing publications behavioural and research-based publications.

Research Interest :