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Prof. Laila Montaser

Prof. Laila Montaser
Founder of Clinical Pathology Department
Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University

Biography :

Laila Montaser, is Professor of Clinical Pathology, Chair Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, Nanotechnology and Tissue Engineering (SRNT) Group, serves as the President, Founder of Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, Menoufia University, Egypt. She gained 4 Awards: - Gold Nishan perfect of merit and distinction and Certificate of Excellence for the best pupil in Alexandria Governorate from Egyptian Feast of Science. - Medal of Merit from Egyptian Medical Syndicate nominated from Menoufia Faculty of Medicine Council in 1986, 1998, & 2002. She supervised more than 44 M. Sc. theses and 12 Doctorate theses.

Research Interest :

She is uniquely trained and situated and has a philosophy on how to manage research specifically with Stem Cell, Regenerative Medicine, Nano medicine and Tissue Engineering, her research interest.