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Dr. Caroline Maslo, MD, PhD

Dr. Caroline Maslo, MD, PhD
Senior Clinical Advisor
Head of Infection Control
Netcare Limited
South Africa

Biography :

Results- oriented professional with extensive hands on experience acquired within top-tier organizations. Adept in health systems optimization, administrative efficiency and strategic planning and execution; collaborated with a wide range of stakeholders, associations, authorities and clients on an international level. Excellent data analytic skills, excel within fast-paced and challenging working environments.

Research Interest :

INSERM U13 Research fellowship- DEA-Experimental models to assess anti-infectious agents for opportunistic diseases NATIONAL REFERENCE CENTRE ON TUBERCULOSIS AND MYCOBACTERIUM- Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris 1996-2000 Research fellowship PhD. Tuberculosis and atypical Mycobacteria infections Over 50 publications in Infectious Diseases in French and International Journal