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Dr. Chateen Izaddin Ali Pambuk

Dr. Chateen Izaddin Ali Pambuk
Assistant Professor
Medical Microbiology and Immunology / College of Dentistry
University of Tikrit

Biography :

Ass. Prof. Dr. Chateen Izaddin Ali Pambuk born in December 6 -1968 in Kirkuk city Iraq. Married, with 3 daughters. He has gained his Msc. and Ph.D degree in Immunology and Medical Microbiology from college of medicine\ Univ. of Tikrit. He is one of the first founders of the College of Dentistry in Tikrit Univ. He served First as a lecturer in college of medicine \ dept. of Pharmacology \ Univ. of Tikrit . Then a lecturer in Dept. of Medical Microbiology at the same college. He also served as a Head of Oral Microbiology Dept. \ college of Dentistry since 1 July 2007 till 2012. Now he is an Ass. Prof. lecturer in college of Dentistry since 2005 . He laid the groundwork for the Immunological research in his University by graduating post graduate students in clinical immunology and interleukin studies in correlation with different diseases. He is an Editorial and Reviewer for more than 7 scientific international American journals. He has a remarkable record of successful and productive research projects in the area of clinical immunology in Tikrit Univ.

Research Interest :

Immunology in general, innate immune system, adaptive immune system , vaccines and vaccination and clinical immunology . Medical Microbiology &Immunology.