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Dr. Meenu Chadha

Dr. Meenu Chadha
Consultant Anaesthesiologist and Pain Consultant
Convenient Hospital Ltd.

Biography :

1. Life Couple Member, Indian Medical Association. 2. Life Member, Indian Society Of Anesthesiologists 3. Life member RSACP 4. Life member Society of Neuroanaesthesia 5. Life Member Indian Society of Pain 6. Life Member Society of Cardiovascular Anesthesia 7. Life Member ICA- Membership No. 385 8. Affiliate member ASA. 9. Life member of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine. 10. Life Member, Indore Society of Anesthetist (Active participant as a speaker and publications in local bulletin “Nishchetna”. 11. Member, O.D.A. Club, Daly College, Indore. 12. Member, Yeshwant Club, Indore.

Research Interest :