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Dr. Nidhi Gupta

Dr. Nidhi Gupta
Director of Molecular Biology
Shield Diagnostics,
San Jose

Biography :

Nidhi Gupta has expertise across a wide range of cutting-edge genomics technologies and experience in developing research applications. She is highly motivated and passionate about integrating new methods and technologies into anti-biotic resistance research and diagnostics. She has more than 10 years of experience in genomics, biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Currently she is leading the molecular biology team at Shield Diagnostics as Director of Molecular Biology. She recently led a team to develop and launch an LDT product for diagnosis of gonorrhea resistance. Prior to joining Shield Diagnostics, she worked in a start-up company developing microarray based platforms for sequencing. She initiated and configured several sections of lab facilities for the company. She spent more than 2 years at Harvard Medical School to study cell signaling and insulin resistance. She earned her B.S. in Human Genomics with minor in Biomedical Sciences at NCHGSR, India and PhD in Genetics and Developmental Biology at UCHC, Connecticut. During her PhD, she developed a novel mechanism for targeted mitochondria delivery to hepatocytes. She was also involved in various other viral studies and successfully developed small RNA sequences for HCV replication inhibition. She authored and co-authored many articles and patents involving mitochondria replacement therapies and HCV treatment.

Research Interest :

Anti-biotic resistance, sepsis, sexually transmitted diseases, sequencing and genomic technologies