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Dr. Marcel Marcano Lozada, MD, FASM

Dr. Marcel Marcano Lozada, MD, FASM
Medico Microbiologo
Profesor Agregado Microbiologia, Facultad de Medicina
Universidad Central de Venezuela

Biography :

Dr. Marcano-Lozada is a Venezuelan physician and Medical Microbiology specialist from Universidad Central de Venezuela, that works for almost 20 years in his own private practice in the Unit of Medical Microbiology in Angios Vascular Center (and other medical centers) as Medical Microbiologist, diagnosing and treating patients with various infectious diseases difficult to manage, in parallel with his activities as Aggregated Professor of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Central de Venezuela (Jose Maria Vargas School of Medicine), for more than 20 years.

Research Interest :

• Osteomyelitis & Biofilm disease research & treatment • Allergic diseases related to infections • Antimicrobial resistance • Dermatological diseases & treatment • Microbiome in health & disease • Diabetic foot infections • Helicobacter pylori extragastric diseases • MRSA pathogenicity