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Prof. Chien-Chang Lee, MD, MS, ScD.

Prof. Chien-Chang Lee, MD, MS, ScD.
Associate Professor & Deputy Chair
Emergency Medicine
National Taiwan University (NTU)

Biography :

Chien-Chang Lee, MD, ScD, is an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at and the deputy chair for the research section of Taiwan Society of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. He is currently the leading investigator of Health Data Science Research Group of NTU hospital. Originally from Taipei, he graduated from NTU and received resident training in emergency medicine program of NTU hospital. After few years’ working as the staff physician, he decided to pursue a research training in in epidemiology and biostatistics at the Harvard School of Public Health. After graduation, Dr. Lee returned to NTU hospital where served as academic faculty, distinguishing himself as an active researcher in clinical and epidemiologic research of infectious disease.

Research Interest :

Dr. Lee’s primary focus is on the sepsis, biomarker, and pharmacoepidemiology. His research employs large nationwide administrative database and electronic medical records to explore the comparative effectiveness and safety of various drugs or medical devices. In biomarker research, he promotes the evidence-based use of biomarker test and published a series of systemic reviews to evaluate the accuracy of biomarkers used in the ED setting. Findings from his studies have motivated appropriate use of biomarkers in the diagnosis and risk stratification of acute illness in the emergency department setting. In pharmacoepidemiology research, Dr. Lee is the first researcher who discovered that commonly used fluoquinolone antibiotics may be associated with the deadly aortic dissection or aneurysm.