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Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim El Ghareeb AbdelRazek Elganainy

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim El Ghareeb AbdelRazek Elganainy
Dermatologist and Andrologist
Dermatology,S.T.D.s,and Andrology at zagazig
Faculty of Medicine

Biography :

-performing pharmacocolor penile duplex and its interpretation. -performing ICI(intracavernosal injection)only when there is a need to help in diagnosing type of E.D.(not therapeutic). -Experiences in diagnosing and treating patients of leprosy and leishmania -Experiences in phototherapy(using NB-UVB,PUVA)in different indicated skin disease(works at phototherapy unit in zagazig university hospital in dermatology department in the period from December 2008 to feb 2010) -courses in sperm manipulations. -Academic interest in pre ICSI sperm genetic studies. -Academic interest in stem cell researches both in andrology,and dermatology.

Research Interest :

-Varicoscreen®contact thermography versus color flow Doppler ultrasonography in diagnosis of testicular varicocele.(accepted and presented in the 22nd congress of the Egyptian society of andrology 24/12/2011). -Role of Tumor necrosis factor alpha &basic- fibroblast growth factor in the pathogenesis of vitiligo: an immunohistochemical study before&after melanocyte transfer by sandpaper technique.(published in ZUMJ )