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Prof. Moria Golan, Ph.D.

Prof. Moria Golan, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Post Graduate Program
Tel Hai Academic College

Biography :

My future plans include further development of the current programs using strategies to enhance motivation for change in parents in order to address the wide range of weight-related problems. Additionally I intend to study the impact of addition of parent’s guidance to “In favor of myself” preventive programs and address the needs of different ages and ethnic groups in respect to these preventive programs. Since last year, I serve as the head of the master degree in nutritional sciences, in Tel Hai Academic College. Although not very happy to be the head of another department (beside Shahaf) I enjoy the opportunity to open new doors for this program, employ a collaborative brain storming among lecturers, researchers and teams that are involved in this program to further develop it. I also intend to continue with my favorite occupation - intensive teaching activities for a wide range of professionals, giving training, supervision, courses, workshops and lectures.

Research Interest :

My scientific contributions are within the clinical intervention domain. Covering its development, research and teaching. I specialize in developing novel interventions – preventive and therapeutic to weight-related problems, addressing behavioral as well as emotional issues.