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Prof. Igor Klepikov, MD

Prof. Igor Klepikov, MD
WA 98056

Biography :

Igor Klepikov was born and studied in the USSR.Pediatric surgeon of the highest qualification in Russia and Israel with experience of over 40 years, MD, professor. Currently retired, lives with his family in the United States.

Research Interest :

The paradox of the scientific career of a highly qualified pediatric surgeon in Russia and Israel is that the most impressive results have been achieved in the non-surgical section of medicine.Work in the Siberian clinic of pediatric surgery is the responsibility of treatment of children with the most aggressive forms of acute pneumonia at an early stage of the disease.The high concentration of such patients (up to 10 and more at the same time), the rapid development of purulent complications and high mortality (up to 10% or more) are forced to look for ways to solve this problem. Doubts about the high virulence of the pathogens as the only cause of complications, as well as the use of the results of classical studies allowed the author to create an original conception of the pathogenesis of acute pneumonia and its complications.A new scientific understanding of the dynamics of the inflammatory process in the lungs under the influence of various methods of treatment has allowed to achieve impressive results and to declare a guaranteed prevention of purulent complications. Time has shown that the results obtained by the author remain relevant and can help in solving this problem.