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Dr. Shengwen Calvin Li, PhD

Dr. Shengwen Calvin Li, PhD
Principal Investigator
CHOC Research Institute
1201-D W. La Veta Ave

Biography :

He completed his PhD doctorate at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. His fellowship experience includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Whitehead Institute (NIH-Individual National Research Service Award) and Harvard University Medical School. He serves as principal investigator (Faculty Scientist) at CHOC Children’s Hospital Research Institute/University of California-Irvine School of Medicine, and adjunct professor of California State University Fullerton and Sun Yat-sen University. He has 154+ publications and 20 U.S.-issued patents. His work is remarked in articles published in Nature, Science, Cell, Nature Review Cancer, Nature Review Medicine, Annual Reviews of Cell and Developmental Biology, with citations of 7,938+ (single-papers with ~ 1000 citations). He serves on editorial board of Journals (Am. J. Pathol., Curr. Stem Cell Res. & Ther., World J. Stem Cells) and with membership of ACTS, ISSCR, SfN, ASCB, ASN, ASIP, RSM (elected overseas fellow).

Research Interest :

Cancer, Cancer Stem Cell, Ipsc, Brain Tumor, Matrix Scaffold For Culture Of Stem Cells, Ex Vivo Model, In Vitro, In Vivo Model, Clinical Oncology, Single-Cell Transcriptome For Subclonal Evolution Of Cancer, Signal Transduction In Cancer, Immunotherapy, Tumor Microenvironment.