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Prof. Shoichiro Ozaki

Prof. Shoichiro Ozaki
Research Chemist


Biography :

Ozaki’s primary contribution is to achieve the first total synthesis of optically active myo-inositol trisphosphate, and a wide range of other inositol phosphates and lipids for subsequent physiological studies. Ozaki found that DAB (Diphenyl (amino acidonate O,N )borane ) and many other boron compounds inhibited Huntington cell aggregation proportionally at SOCE inhibition activity of compounds and Huntington cell aggregation inhibition activity. Osaka discovered anti-aging reagent (sulfo disaccharides) which cooperate with the anti-aging gene (Klotho) to regulate Ca2+ homeostasis and consequent anti-aging and long life Ozaki is proposing method to protect global warming. His method is promotion of CO2 assimilation by effective use of NOx and drainage nitrogen, phosphorous,. Many countries hating NOx as pollution gas and eliminating by ammonia. Ozaki is considering that NOx is best promotor of CO2 assimilation . For the promotion of CO2 assimilation, NOx elimination should be stopped. Drainage NP elimination should be stopped.

Research Interest :

Discovery of best method to protect global warming. Discovery of best method to promote CO2 assimilation. Discovery of best method to promote fish production.