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Dr. Tai-Ming Ko PhD

Dr. Tai-Ming Ko PhD
Assistant Professor
College of Biological Science and Technology
National Chiao Tung University

Biography :

Our research interests are in translational research. We aim at translating the promise of genomic medicine into clinical reality. My current research is focused on two major projects: (1) pharmacogenomic and immunogenetic studies for serious adverse drug reactions, and (2) investigation of pathogenic factors contributing to Kawasaki disease. We mainly apply multi-omics approaches and the developing technologies for analyzing highly polymorphic gene (i.e. HLA, TCR, KIR). In the past few years, we have identified new potential biomarkers or genetic factors for Kawasaki disease, serious adverse drug reactions, and stroke. Moreover, for preventing life-threatening cutaneous adverse drug reactions, we also contributed to translating biomarkers (HLA-B*58:01) into clinical practice through a large prospective study which demonstrated an example that pharmacogenomic approach could provide a strong basis for implementation of precision medicine.

Research Interest :

 Translational research and personalized medicine  Allergy and clinical immunology (including drug allergy and pediatric allergy)  Immunogenomics, pharmacogenomics, and molecular epidemiology