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Dr. Dmitrieva Elena Germanovna

Dr. Dmitrieva Elena Germanovna
Private Practical Work
Clinical Pharmacist

Biography :

The plan-breadboard model of manufactures of preparations of new generation is ready. The compounding and technology the author's. Took part in approbation of medicines (4 phase) and itself has made a preparation antigypertensive actions, since VFS to toxicology before experiments on the person (1, 2 and 3 phases). I have developed a preparation 2- phase antigypertenzion actions from leaves of a rhododendron Caucasian, have made the project time Pharmacopea’s articles on raw materials the raw-material base, unfortunately, has separated, and with it and factory which this preparation undertook already to make. Have been spent doclinical and a part of clinical tests personally by me, preparation standardization. All it kept within the limits of mine candidat Dissertations (it is in libraries of Moscow since protection was in Moscow in 1994). For these years I have made the big compounding and have threatened on nanotecnology. Though, the compounding and technology are possible and without nanotechnology. Among preparations – medicines for a treatment a diabet’s 2 tipe, ingibitors adhesions (for treatment bronchial asthma), stimulators keylons (anticarcinogenic), drugs (a HIV, AIDS), antitubercular without approach of resistance of a stick of Kokh to therapy, drugs (all forms of a malaria), a floor - dependent anksiolitiks (medicines for fear for men and women), a number of power medicines, cosmetology, and a number of others (very actual). There is also an improving compounding. The profit will be huge. I guarantee, since the compounding most part is aimed at socially-significant kinds of struggle with dangerous nozology.

Research Interest :

Well I know medicines (the urgent help, preventive, medical), all their parametres (collateral action, drug poisons, pharmacokinetics, calculations of doses, interaction) and others (specialisation in clinical pharmacology) - scientific, pedagogical and practical experience. All techniques are approved in practice with good results. There are positive reviews.