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Prof. Norbert Brockmeyer

Prof. Norbert Brockmeyer
Medical Research and Education
Head of the Interdisciplinary Immunological Outpatient Clinic

Biography :

• Wolfgang-Max Faust Award / Media Award of the German AIDS Foundation 1999 for the „7th German AIDS Congress“ 1999 in Essen. • German AIDS Award 2001: “Enhanced Progression to AIDS Associated with the G protein β3 Subunit 825T Allele“ • German AIDS Special Award 2001: „Human herpesvirus 8 derived viral interleukin-6 induces PTX3 expression in Kaposi‘s sarcoma“

Research Interest :

• Honorary Citizen of the City Bochum, receipt of the “Ring of Honour” • Award of the Schaudinn-Hoffmann Badge 2013 • Award of the Federal Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany 2015