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Dr. Musthafa Mohamed Essa, , Ph.D, FLS (UK), FICS

Dr. Musthafa Mohamed Essa, , Ph.D, FLS (UK), FICS
Associate Professor
Dept. of Food Science and Nutrition, College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences
Sultan Qaboos University

Biography :

An accomplished scientist and academician with Ph.D. in Biochemistry and over 10 years of experience of conducting active research and teaching in the field of neuro-degeneration and nutrition. - Strong technical expertise in latest molecular, cellular biology tools and behavioral assessments-Served as PI and Co-PI for grants awarded and through collaboration with leading research institutes globally (total 10 grants). -118 publications, Authored, co-authored and edited many books. - Editor in Chief for a Scopus indexed international journal (www.ijnpnd.com); Academic Editor for BMC journal and Special issue editor for Frontiers in Biosciences -Supervised three graduate students for their Ph.D. degree. Visiting professor at NIH (USA), Macquarie University (Australia) and University of New South Wales (Australia). Have been chairperson and member of research committees.-Organized conferences to promote research in the field of neurocognitive diseases and nutritional approaches.-Have been invited as guest speaker and chairperson for many national and international conferences.-Bagged many awards for the active contribution in the field.

Research Interest :

The primary focus of my research interest is to establish a world class Behavior, Nutrition and Neuropharmacology research facility to study a broad area of neuro degenerative disorders at behavioral, biochemical, nutritional, molecular & signaling level. My main area of research is on Nutritional Neuroscience: the effect of dietary supplements on Neurodegenerative diseases transgenic mouse models and human primary neurons. Considering the limits of existing preventive methods, intervention strategies using diet, nutrients, antioxidant and flavonoid rich natural products such as fruits, vegetables and nuts are of paramount importance. As this area of research in neurodegenerative diseases is still in the early phase, I am eager to establish a state of the art research facility for neurodegenerative diseases to study the molecular mechanisms underlying the selective vulnerability of neuronal populations which degenerate in people with neurodegenerative disorders and the effect on diet and nutraceuticals on them.